Saturday, October 10, 2009

Urban Sketching Class week 4

This week, Kurt led us on the streetcar to the downtown area. I've never done any sketching in this busy part of Portland.
This is the Arlene Schnitzer Concert hall, home of the Oregon Symphony. When I moved to Portland in 1981, this was the Paramount Theater. It was renovated and reopened in 1984 as part of the Portland Performing Arts Center. The sign that had the name 'Paramount' was retained but the lettering was changed to read 'Portland.'
This is one I posted last week with a little lipstick and rouge added.


  1. alright...I have to and rouge?? wha?

    I like both of these :)

  2. Hi Celeste, "lipstick and rouge" is a euphemism for "prettying something up" Thanks for stopping by

  3. You have a talent for the sketchbook, which is an art in itself. I must add you to my links.