Sunday, November 15, 2009

Urban Sketching Class Nov 14 2009

This is from the Urban Sketching class this week. We walked downtown to Pioneer Courthouse Square, where workman were busy putting up the city's Christmas tree. I've never seen them do this before but, since large Fir trees aren't as full as your typical living room Christmas tree, they add extra limbs to fill it out.

Kurt, having drawn here several times before, had some great suggestions on compositions that had very interesting perspective views and, of course, I ignored him and chose this rather dull view to draw.


  1. lol! your post made me laugh. I would have ignored him too. likely.

  2. I've drawn there often, and I always find that the Square has so much detail that I need to concentrate on a small section of it...

  3. Thanks r8r. Frankly, I prefer quieter places to draw. I enjoyed seeing your drawings on Flikr.