Monday, February 22, 2010

NW 14th and Savier

I went out sketching yesterday for the first time in quite a while. The sun was out and I headed for one of my favorite spots near the Pearl District where there's a sunny shipping dock I like to sit on and sketch the Fremont Bridge and Centennial Mills. But, I was disappointed to find that the building whose dock I like to sit on was gone and they've started building something new there. I can't imagine how they could justify building another condo tower there now with so many vacant condos in town. I hope it's at least an industrial use building, but I doubt it.

I had to satisfy myself with drawing this power pole with one of the supports for the Fremont Bridge behind it.


  1. The block you're referring to is an affordable Family Housing Building, with an elementary school/Zimmerman Community center to be on the ground floor. The neighborhood could use more families.

  2. John, Thanks for the information and link. I'm glad to know there will be affordable housing built there, although I miss my loading dock.

    It's getting harder and harder to find urban blight in Portland to draw.

  3. Hey Bill, if you are looking for something run down to paint--come over to my house! lol--This is a very nice sketch.

  4. LOL. Come to think of it, I could draw my own too.