Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Views from a Garage Rooftop

5" x 8" pages

This spread, on facing pages of a Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook, is of the views, looking in opposite directions, from the rooftop level of a parking garage on NW Station Way in the Pearl District of Portland.

The sketch on the left is looking west through the Pearl toward the West Hills and the other sketch is looking east toward the Wilamette River and includes the Broadway Bridge (undergoing construction upgrades) and the historic Albers Mill Building, which is now being leased as office space.

Although I've sketched and painted several times, at this location, these both started as absent-minded doodles, during meetings, from snapshot on my laptop.


  1. It's good! Very good!

  2. a great way to endure a meeting- I like both of these very much.

  3. Thank you kindly, Rob and Geraldo.