Saturday, January 1, 2011

Break in the Weather

It's been very wet, even for Portland, so when I got up on Friday morning and could see my shadow, I grabbed my sketch bag and headed out. It was in the mid 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so I stayed in the truck but I thoroughly enjoyed getting some drawing done.

These were both done in the SE Industrial area a few blocks from the Willamette River.

The sketch above was done at the corner of SE 3rd and Ash.

This one was done at SE Salmon near 1st Ave. I'm looking toward the river showing the skyline of the SW downtown including the KOIN Tower and Wells Fargo Center with the West Hills in the background.

It was so nice to see and feel the sun.


  1. Great sketches, I was afraid you lost interest in making these.

  2. Thank you "art of the dance ..."

    Hello, Rene. Thanks for visiting. I've not lost interest but have been spending a lot of time painting oils, which I post to another site. The link is on the top right of this site. Happy New Year