Monday, January 17, 2011

Drinking and Drawing @ Laurelthirst Public House

The Laurelthirst Pub on NW Glisan in Portland is a place I like to go and draw while listening to some great local bands. The music starts at 6pm so I can go on a work night and not be too wrecked for work the next day. I like the Kung Pao Chickens. They're a kind of Gypsy Jazz band that used to play early on Mondays but they moved them to the late show so - too late for me now. I also like Lewi Longmire's country rock band. He reminds me a bit of the Jayhawks.

I get there early and draw before it gets too packed to see anything. I started this drawing at about 5PM and by the time the bands started, around 6:15, the place was filled.

They also serve vegetarian food.


  1. Hey there - I've been chicking out your stuff for a while - really like it. Found you through Urban Sketchers (I think) I used to drink in the LaurelThirst - Remember that bar! good stuff.
    Chinatown Branch

  2. I like your work very much, thanks for your kind words. May I use this sketch for a quick flyer for a show at the Thirst?

    Also- maybe we could work out using some of your work on a new LP I'm getting ready to release?

    Please contact me when you have a minute.
    -Lewi Longmire

  3. Hey, Lewi. sure thing. thanks for asking. You're welcome to use the image. I've caught your show at the pub a few times and really enjoyed it. Thanks for leaving a note.

  4. Hi anonymous. Thanks for the note.

  5. Hello. Really enjoy your work. I was at the Laurel Thirst Public House only once in November 1997. Your drawing of the place really takes me back to that first sense of the place, coming in from the damp street and ordering that first beer and noticing my surroundings, and even hoping I fit into them. Great when art captures some personal feel for a place or memory of a place.
    I am an amateur songwriter and artist of sorts, my subjects are often my travels. I wrote a song about my one experience at the Laurelthirst Public House. It is sort of a walking blues kind of story song with humble attempt at humor. I am going to put it up on youtube, and I hope you would take a look at it, and possibly consider allowing me to replace my image of Laurelthirst with your drawing for the video image and a link to your sight here. also, I would honor your request to take your image down at any time.Thanks for your time.