Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beautiful evening in the garden

Our garden is usually full of weeds and in need pruning. It still is but not as bad as usual and, with the help of one of my sketching friends who designed plantings for a neglected bed, it's been a very pleasant place to spend these warm evenings.

8" x 10" two page spread in sketchbook

The weather has been so gloomy until recently that I'm really soaking up the sun, now that it's here. I can hardly stop staring at the blue sky.

It is a challenge for me to make graphic sense out of all this foliage. I need a few man made objects to focus on.


  1. ah...the chair and bird feeder do give us our bearings! So pretty the red and green...!

  2. I love the chair in the foreground...makes me feel like I'm in the picture!

  3. Looks like a great spot to sit down and enjoy the scenery. Wonderful sketch as always.