Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bad Weekend


Thoracentesis is an invasive procedure to remove fluid or air from the pleural space for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. A cannula, or hollow needle, is carefully introduced into the thorax, generally after administration of local anesthesia.

One can end up in the Emergency Room from side effects like a collapsed lung. 

An X-Ray and CAT scan indicated the lung was not collapsed and there was no mass in the abdomen. A new treatment will hopefully arrest the fluid accumulation.

She feels better now.

( I apologize if an earlier version of this post alarmed people. The initial crisis is behind us and we're trying to evaluate what is next. - Just like life )


  1. Bill! Your sketches remind me how infinitesimal my problems are right now! I have often sketched in hospital/doctor settings certainly helps with the wait. Positive thoughts and prayers winging up for your Mrs. Thinking of you both!

  2. Sorry to hear all this. I wish you both all best health imaginable.

  3. Thank you Celeste and Rene. My wife is doing much better. A new treatment has put her back into remission. I appreciate your good wishes.

  4. Oh Dear. My brother had several bouts with a collapsed lung 25 years ago. Then, it took invasive surgery to fix it.
    Glad to hear things are better.
    Still, what can you do in the ER for that length of time but sketch. Good job.